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Current Music:dmb live on tv
Current Location:matt's couch
Subject:alive and well...
Time:04:52 pm
Current Mood:contentcontent
so i am still alive.

believe it or not.

sorry to have disappeared for so long but things are going quite well.

northern california is as beautiful as they warned... the jobs is intense but worthwhile, the coworkers amazing, the boyfriend a nice surprise, the free-time much needed.

the distance from family, however, leaves me wishing for something more. someday.

so if you're ever in the northern cali area, give me a call. stop by for a visit and i'll let you crash on a friend's couch. still working out finding a place for myself... gotta save up some cash first.

keep me posted on your lives, livejournal loves... i promise to do better at keeping up.

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Current Music:hgtv in the next room...
Current Location:home home.
Subject:surprise surprise how those fates are working...
Time:10:54 pm
Current Mood:accomplishedaccomplished
so i finally took the advice of an honest friend, got off my lazy butt, and started applying places. because seriously. asheville might be lonely, but i like it here... a lot. and the only way to fix that lonely piece is to get out and meet people, constantly rave about how wonderful it is here to people i love who live elsewhere hoping that they'll some day come to their senses and join me here, or run away.

i will not run away. not yet, anyway.

so i took some proactive steps and ended up with a part-time job at mast general store right downtown in asheville.

i am pumped. thoroughly.

still a little lonely, but i'm planning a trip up to manchester this week and then i go to california for my cousin's wedding for ten days and HOPEFULLY get to see erin and some other friends there, too. and then i take a week up the east coast to see some family and friends in the dc/maryland/virginia area. and then i come back down here and start my fabulous job.

does it get much better than that?

heh. at least i hope it turns out to be as fabulous as it seems. the people seem to be really down to earth and very sincere... and there are bunches of college-aged people who seem energetic and eager to get to know their coworkers.

i am a happy camper.

PLUS! they have a full outfitting section downstairs of camping gear and all the good things i'll need if i'm ever going to become a serious backpacker like i've been dreaming for the past two months... so hopefully i'll get a nice hefty discount and expand my lovely collection of outdoor gear.

woot woot.

now. come join me (and kris and lil!!!) in the land of fun and fabulousness that is western north carolina.

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Current Music:iron and wine in my head
Current Location:home schmome what does it really mean?
Time:12:29 pm
Current Mood:hopefulhopeful
so it's taken awhile to get over that whole "there is no job" thing.

i'm not really that upset about not having the job, it's just that they dragged me through the mud about it and pretty much ruined my chances of getting a summer job. and made it so i'd end up spending three weeks at home, and right now that seems a bit unfair.

but i've got a couple things brewing now, so i'm feeling a bit better. thanks to friends who make fun of me for not having any friends and encouraging me to get off my lazy ass and do something with my life.

i'm leaving things up to the fates, generally. it's a good way to run my life. i sit around bored until i can't take it anymore, go make some choices and put in some applications, and then wait for something to come through.

so right now it's either a coffeeshop here or a nanny job in maryland. and if neither of those work out, i'll be applying for coffeeshop jobs in northern va and living at my dear sweet grandmother's house.

seriously. i think my life is okay.

debating whether or not to go through with another trip to manchester next week. i think i'll do it. maybe actually get to the dunes this time.

we'll see. i think my new car deserves a full-fledged roadtrip with me. we haven't had that time to really bond yet. though the parkway was a good start...
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Time:10:56 pm
Current Mood:crushedcrushed
there is no job.
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Current Music:some good hippie stuff they're playing
Current Location:port city java down the street...
Subject:a lonely three-fer thursday...
Time:06:32 pm
Current Mood:lonelylonely
"home" is lonely.

how weird is it to admit i miss indiana? not so much the place, but those friggin' people. it's just not fair for a place as cool as asheville to have very few people i love in it. dang.

still waiting to hear about the job. it's getting beyond frustrating to not know yet. there's no way to plan anything about my life without some sort of definite from them. hopefully tomorrow...

i'm craving a hike. i think i'll go out and about in the mountains tomorrow. why yes, yes i will.

coffeeshops are great, i just wish i didn't need them to keep me from feeling alone.

anybody need a vacation destination? come on down...

lovelovelove for those i miss...
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Current Music:some crazy ragtime upstairs
Current Location:rachel and sarah's basement
Subject:smiles and bins of crap i don't need
Time:04:35 pm
Current Mood:contentcontent
so i know there's so much i could say right now. it's been way too long since i last updated and pretty much my entire life has changed in the past month... but really. it's too much to process at this point. i'm trying really hard to just let things happen and take them as they come. life's more exciting that way.

choir tour was fun. surprisingly. i had a great time with the caitlin and of course i miss her already, but after a week in a van with her it was somehow a bit easier to say farewell for now. i made an interesting bond with someone i expected to despise, and that always feels good. all in all a superb experience. and my voice stayed strong, despite many many tears and others being sick.

now i'm crashing at rachel and sarah's with aaron and andrew. for an undetermined number of days.

i love it. it feels like home and i pretty much don't want to leave ever.

but this too will pass, even the good.

and i'm waiting to hear back about the goddamn job on campus. somehow it's going to take anywhere from a week to ten days to determine what they're willing to offer and who is worthy of being offered said offer.

i hope it's me?

ick change.

my life is pleasant for now. hugs whenever i want them, a clean kitchen, a comfy bed, and time to reconsolidate all my crap before trekking back to carolina.

hooray for summer and barefeet and running in hoses. mmmm and gardens... mmmm...
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Current Music:loud loud loud laughing.
Subject:it's elee's birthday!
Time:10:53 pm
Current Mood:sicksick
i'm tired.

i think i have a sinus infection.

there are ten(ish) people laughing very loudly in my living room.

i love them all dearly but i just want to sleep.

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Current Music:dooz's recital cd. love it love it love it.
Time:11:38 pm
Current Mood:sleepysleepy
so i'm absolutely exhausted from a long weekend of the messiah. i think two performances of that entire piece in two days should be outlawed.

vocally fatigued. *whew*

it was so rough waking up this morning, especially after keeping myself up way too late last night. i tried so hard to get my senior seminar reading response written but there were absolutely no coherent thoughts in my head by the time we got back from south bend. so strange. and then all i could think to do was go practice for my recital for an hour, keeping me up even later.

jeezes i'm dumb.

but getting my practice cd from debra for my swedish and french songs was just a bit too intriguing to pass up. and i did get a lot of memorization work done on the bellini pieces, so i'm happy. hopefully my incoherentness won't affect my ability to remember everything i memorized that night. we'll see.

tomorrow is my senior comprehensive interview. yes, i'm slightly nervous. but more excited than anything else. how often do i get abby and robert to myself for an entire hour? both of them!? *whew* it'll be pretty sweet... i am a little anxious about it just because i have no clue what to expect. and also because i'm worried about getting emotional. i feel like i haven't been letting things hit me lately and some day soon it's all going to come crashing down on me.

kinda like this weekend.

my birthday party was fantastic. rubik's cube theme and all, people seemed to have a good time. except for two poor first year girls. jon and cameron's bathroom got some pretty good use, i guess. i ended up in all white, thanks to chris's gigantic white cutoff tshirt and katie's baggy thriftstore white shorts... man, it was nice. dancing, running around making sure everyone was having a good time, getting excellent happy birthday wishes, etc. so all in all it was a fabulous night.

until things came crashing down on me. not in a bad way, i guess... just all at once. my roommate wasn't feeling well and as i walked her to the front door on her way home and shut the door behind her i just started bawling. i stood there with my head up against the front door for ten minutes just crying and crying and crying.
because seriously.
it's insane how much i'm going to miss her.
and it's just not fair.

so yeah. that scares me. times like that. ouch.

outta nowhere.

i guess that's it for now. that's kind of a strange event to post, i guess... it just needed to be put in writing.

oh, and on that list of crazy ex-boyfriend things... got an invitation to another ex's wedding next month. who knew?


goodnight moon.
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Current Music:yo yo ma. hehehe. because "at night he plays the cello"...
Subject:drama free drama free...
Time:11:52 am
Current Mood:pensivepensive
graduation is almost a month away exactly.
that intimidates me more than i expected... but i'm just gonna sit with it for awhile...

so i was doing really well with this whole "drama-free" thing. REALLY well.

and then the person who inspired the drama free thing in the first place had to go and bring in some drama. what's with that?

i'm alright. no, scratch that, i'm fabulous. my life is where i want it right now and i'm living up my last few weeks on campus. i'm done with my senior portfolio and all my other major assignments, i just have a few more papers to finish, a presentation, and two finals. seriously. that's it. oh, except for that whole recital thing. dammit. that's stressing me out a bit, but mostly because i'm so excited about it and have no time to practice this week. argh. come see it. that'll make me feel better.

may 11th. 7:30pm. wine recital hall.

but anyway, as i was saying... life is good right now. i have no idea where i'm living this summer or next year... i know where i want to live but have to work out all the details. and while that's a bit frustrating, it's also awfully exciting. i'm a grown-up. a grown-up that's running off to live with her best friend's parents for a summer and then come right back to campus for a poorly paying but awesome job. *sigh* is that really the grown-up thing to do with my life? who knows.... but for right now it sounds perfect.

so yeah. unwanted drama and all, i'm happy.

can i add that weird things are happening all around me, though?

my ex-boyfriend had a baby.
my other ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend got a boob job.
another ex-boyfriend has some crazy patterns going on... oh, but wait, yet another is struggling to accept the patterns in his life that really aren't so crazy.
one of my dearest friends who has always been such a stability factor in my life is struggling. i hate to watch it and would do anything to make it better... he just deserves so much better.
people keep getting engaged.

life just moves so quickly... strange strange strange. and when did i end up with so many exes? hehehe. i don't mind. makes me feel like i've accomplished something in life. hah. that's ironic.

the inn was awesome last night. spent some quality time with people i care about quite a bit. always a fun thing to drink with paul. we just go way back through such a variety of times... weird.

okay, i've had too much coffee this morning to be posting. before i'm done you'll all know everything there is to know about me and more. darnit... no mysteries with myra ;-)

love to all. and just a head's up: i'm craving hugs, so if i jump you around campus, don't be surprised. :-)
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Current Music:an old mix from dooz.
Subject:two places at once?
Time:10:31 am
Current Mood:goodgood
so i'm feeling pretty good these days...

it was an amazing weekend up in ann arbor. dooz is so fabulous. pretty red dress, amazing music, fun people... jeezes. flashbacks to high school, too. weird. but good. feels like some things have come full circle. especially me crying in another senior recital. nothing new there, it's just been awhile.

*sigh* how are all my friends so friggin' talented?
www.amykbormet.com, by the way...

it's good to be back on campus. it was a horrible weekend to leave and i'm feeling a bit disconnected from some of the people i care about most. i'm not sure how to fix that, but i'm doing my best. it's good to know the drag show went so well and people had so much fun, but it's hard to know i missed it all. argh. when will technology give us the ability to be in more than one place at a time? i mean really... time doesn't exist anyway, right?

i go home for easter this wednesday. i'm pumped about it, but again, feeling like there's not enough time left to do everything i want to do on campus and yet again i'm being run off somewhere else. it'll be nice to relax, i'm sure, but i'll definitely feel like i'm missing out on some things here that i'd really love to be doing. ick.

on a completely different note... i'm very proud of myself for not taking things too seriously right now. somehow committing to a drama-less rest of the year was a good and easy move for me. it's amazing how many things fall into place when you expect them to and are able to step back and let them. nice nice nice.

have a good week all, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS PALSGROVE!
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[icon] Myra
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